Software Development – customization, integration, tailored solutions

Dynamics Objects is a joint venture between Australian and Indian companies to provide our customers and Partners with the best of both worlds, great software design at 50-60% less in software development cost. Offshore work in India is substantially lower than those in the US and Europe. We work 24x7x365 with an access to large pool of young, remarkably talented, and enthusiastic IT engineers. Solutions for Dynamics CRM are our core business and we only develop software solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

How can we help?

Whether you need support with JavaScript written for CRM 2011 and is not compatible with CRM 2013, add new feature to CRM or integrate CRM with other ERP software at your organization, our engineers are here to help. We provide our services fast, reliable and on-time. 
If you have a project that is short, has well defined scope and all requirements are clear, we can offer you a fixed price to develop it, with guarantee of on-time delivery.
Our development process is based on close and regular communication with the customer. At each stage you have an online access to test the solution and ensure it is developed to your expectations. Only then you confirm that a development stage is completed and pay.

If you are a corporate customer, looking for Dynamics CRM software developers, we are happy to provide you with free of charge tools to enhance your Dynamics CRM user experience. 
Free of charge - no time restriction or limited functionality.
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Busy writing CRM Reports?

Let us write your reports at our competitive prices

Microsoft Dynamics CRM includes reports that provide useful business information to the user.  The report data and layout are contained in an .rdl file. Although Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides many out-of-box reports for viewing business data, there is always the need to create custom reports either by using existing reports as templates or to create custom reports from scratch.

There are two types of reports that we can create based on the type of data we need to retrieve from Dynamics CRM database:

SQL-Based Reports – We use SQL queries to securely retrieve data for reports from filtered views defined by the CRM system. SQL-Based reports can retrieve data from different SQL database tables and can include code embedded in the report. SQL based reports can only be deployed to Microsoft CRM on premise, where we have total control and visibility over CRM databases.

Fetch XML based Reports – These type of reports are the most popular reports created by CRM users. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online only supports Fetch XML based SSRS reports, as we don't have direct access the SQL Server of the Online CRM. Although most reports we write are Fetch XML based, there can be some limitation using fetch xml in retrieving data from different SQL database tables. Fetch XML reports can be imported to on premise CRM as well as CRM online.

Quote Report 

One of the features in Dynamics CRM Sales functionality is the seamless process that takes you from an Opportunity to creating a Quote and converting it to an Order and an invoice. Detailed and well-presented price quotation can win you the business. The generic quote report included in Dynamics CRM out of the box lacks the flexibility required by most CRM users. Over 80% of the tailored reports we design in Dynamics Objects are for quotes. They include everything from adding the company logo, inserting fields from the quote entity to inserting complete tables from entities linked to the Quote entity.

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