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Hide / Display text in CRM “Word Templates”


In this post I will show how text can be hidden or displayed, based on selected option in the CRM record. 

Consider a letter, sent from the local library, which only one of the 2 below  mutually exclusive lines, should be displayed

How to upload document to SharePoint with Workflow or from the Form UI

Before you start, you need to configure the credentials to allow Dynamics PDF access to SharePoint.Go to Settings>Solutions and click to open Dynamics PDF-Docs solution
Enter the  SharePoint URL as well as the credential of a user to access SharePoint

Dynamics Workflows
Dynamics PDF

Upload CRM Word Templates to SharePoint

In this post I will show the Workflow steps to achieve same functionality by automating & scheduling this process, with CRM Workflow.

In our example, we create the workflow for the Invoice entity, to PDF the “DO_Invoice-Elaborated” Word Template, and upload it to a set location in SharePoint. 
Dynamics Workflows
Dynamics Docs
Dynamics PDF

Add step “SetWordTemplate” to a workflow

Dynamics PDF-Docs is add on that converts documents generated from CRM Word Template, to PDF file. The process can be automated with a workflow, like send an Email with the Word Template attached as PDF file. The workflow will have these main steps:

Dynamics Workflows
Dynamics PDF

Close opportunity in Dynamics 365 using Workflow

By on 12/29/2016

Dynamics 365 Introduces predefined actions, one of the actions are Close Opportunity. 

Dynamics 365 Editable Grids

By on 11/11/2016

Microsoft introducing Editable grids for Dynamics 365.

Business rules made user friendly in Dynamics 365

By on 11/10/2016

As we know business rules are introduced in CRM 2013 version.

Dynamics 365

Add Voice of Customer to Dynamics Portal

Microsoft CRM 2016 online comes with free Voice of the Customer survey, to gain valuable feedback from your customers about the products and services your company provides. The survey solution is installed from Microsoft Office 365>Manage all CRM Online instances>Solutions.

CRM Portal

Clone records with Workflow- Recurring Cloning

With Clone pro user can set up what to clone including the cloning of related entities, like products when cloning invoice. Now you can clone with Workflow!

How clients access the portal?

For client to access the portal he or she must be a contact record in Dynamics CRM. If the client does not have a contact record in CRM or not sure if he has one, the client can use the New User Registration Form to submit his personal details. We identify the person logging on the portal or registering as new user, by the person’s Email address. The User Name to logon the portal is always the email address of the client, and the password is saved in the Contact record, in the section named: Access Privilege from Customer Portal.
CRM Portal
CRM Portal

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