Off the shelf Dynamics CRM Solutions 
For CRM 2011, CRM 2013, CRM 2015 & CRM 2016 online and on premise

Dynamics Docs are MS Word based reports with merged fields from CRM entities, which are PDF and attached to Email or saved as Notes. 
If you are familiar with Microsoft Word, you can now customize Dynamics CRM reports such as Invoice, Quote, Order, Opportunity, Case and others in the same way you edit a document with Microsoft Word. No need for Fetch-XML knowledge or CRM Reporting Services.

Dynamics Docs can be automatically created with Workflow and send email with PDF report as an attachment.


Dynamics PDF converts any CRM report to PDF with the following one click functions:

Preview report as PDF.
Download report as PDF.
Save the PDF as a note for this record.
Create an Email and attach the report as PDF document.
Create an Email and create the report as HTML in the body of the Email message.

    The solution includes the following additional workflow functions:

    Text Functions 

    Math Functions

    Date Functions 


    Business Hours 

    Conversion Functions 

    Invoice Create 

    Email Report as PDF Attachment 



    In Microsoft Dynamics CRM Uploading more than one attachment to Notes or Emails is a one by one process, uploading one file at a time. Dynamics Attachments is a simple tool that facilitates the upload of many attachments, with one click of a button. Dynamics Attachments can also zip the uploaded files and attach the ZIP file to an Email or Note.


    A one click function to clone Dynamics CRM records.

    Works with out-of-the-box CRM entities as well as customized entities.
    It takes 2 minutes to download & install and you are ready to go.
    Simple to operate from record's list or record’s form.


    Dynamics Maps adds visual representation to CRM records. With Dynamics Map presents records on map based on their distance range from other records of same entity or other records of related entities, like all Students within selected distance range from selected Campus or all Accounts within selected distance from selected Branch Office.

      Software Development – customization, integration, tailored solutions
    Map Based Solutions Price Lists and Rate Cards Free Proof of Concept (POC)
    Maps provide businesses with tools to analyse prospects, customers, suppliers, competitors, users and other CRM entities based on their absolute and relative locations to other CRM entities. Our map based solutions provide you  with the tools you need to make better decisions and optimize business and sales processes, create visit planning, manage sales and service territories and automat Lead assignment.

    We develop technics to store in CRM, and regularly update, complex price lists and multi-level rate cards to create complex price quotations, orders and invoices for any business type, and any price sensitive input parameters.

    Cannot visualise how your requirements will be implemented in CRM?
    Don’t worry. Proof of Concept (POC) is an integral part and FREE service provided by Dynamics Objects to all customers and partners (resellers included) interested in our software development services. POC provides us the confidence that client requirements are fully understood and gives the client the ability to visualise how we are going to implement the solution in CRM and before client commits to the project.

    If you are interested in online demo of any of our products or to discuss software development for Dynamics CRM, please fill in the below form and we will contact you ASAP.